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Geschreven door Majid
Gevraagd op 20 november 2019 21 39
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Dear sir or madam,
With highest regards, Since one year till now my complain started by the stomach inflation and now I feel more worse and mostly feel fast and hard heart beating and sweating. I was going many times family doctor and stomach specialist but unfortunately nobody diagnosis well about what I suffer from?
Day by day I feel more worse.
Now I disappointed and becoming to go to the doctor and now by chance I breath and dont know what to do now?
Please and requesting all of you, if somebody knows what to do, allow me to know.
My e-mail is : [email protected]
Appreciated you
Mr. Majid

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Geschreven door John (moderator)
Beantwoord door 20 november 2019 21 50
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Dear Mr. Majid
What is your native language? maybe I can answer in your native language

which tests have been done so far?

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