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Girl (16).
Since 2 days I’ve been having some issues with my private parts, and I’m kind of scared about the situation since I’m experiencing something that I have never experienced before.
In the inner part of my vagina, around and on the urethral opening and on the labia, there’s some kind of (what looks like a) rash. Where the skin is supposed to be smooth, it is now very rough. The skins looks like there are little flakes on the skin and you can move it a bit around. It hurts like hell when you touch it and whenever I go to the bathroom.
The discharge is very, very watery and it is non-stop almost. The discharge looks white/ a little grey-ish. My vagina is furthermore very dry.
I don’t know what is wrong with me and I’m really scared. Oh, and for some context: the past few days I have been sexually active and there was this one time when something didn’t feel right and it didn’t go very ‘smoothly’. I wasn’t turned on enough, I think. At last, my boyfriend fingered me whilst he hadn’t washed his hands. Might it be an infection? Or a yeast infection?
This is maybe the completely wrong site to post this query, but I don’t know what to do. Sorry for the chaoticness.

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Yeast infection is possible but the way you describe it, a Herpes infection could also be possible. So go to your huisarts

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