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So I was tested positive with COVID-19 three days ago and have been feeling symptoms for almost three days now. Had a fever during the first day and a little through the second. Now that’s gone and I just have a sore throat and a dry cough but it’s not very persistent and doesn’t feel so bad. I don’t feel weak, my breathing is fine, and when I walk around, shower, or whatever, I don’t feel out of breath or tired.
My only concern is that apart from my body and muscles aching all over, I’ve also been feeling some chest pain. Mind you, this chest pain is NOT SEVERE and it isn’t constantly there but it does come and go. It isn’t a sharp pain and there’s no burning or tearing sensation. It’s a dull aching that isn’t too painful but it is noticeable. When I stretch my chest it I do feel it aching a bit too. Again, I would not say it is remotely severe. I read that chest pain nonetheless is a serious symptom but since my breathing is perfectly fine, should I be concerned?

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It can be muscle-related complaints, but nevertheless I advise you to contact your doctor.

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